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- Pictures from the first episode

Anna's parents are running the local store.

John likes to hang out there a lot as he and Anna are in love.

Anna's mother (right) is inviting the Sullivans over for dinner

... and John is very much looking forward to that

John is debating with his father over the sense of war.

Kitty (Susan Hannaford), John's little sister hopes
that Anna and her brother are getting married soon.

Love and life isn't easy for John and Anna.
She has been threatened by a strange man, Bert Duggan.

Father's Day at The Sullivans

John is going over to Mrs. Jessup's place,
where the Duggans are staying, ...

... and cuts Bert down to size.

Later that day he takes Anna out on a trip ...

... and they are just enjoying life.

John and his mother (Lorraine Bayly)

John is having a talk with his younger brother
Tom (Steven Tandy).

The war has begun, which is especially difficult
for Anna and her family as they are Germans.
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