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This is a 5-page special with lots of information and pictures about The Sullivans in general, John Sullivan (Andrew McFarlane) the eldest son of the Sullivans, pictures from the set and background information.

1 General Information on the series
2 Pictures from the first episode
3 Andrew McFarlane and John Sullivan
4 Pictures from the set
5 What are "The Sullivans" doing today? (1996)

This was THE SULLIVANS' famous 77-year-old suburban weatherboard villa, 7 Gordon Street -
a quiet little street of Camberwell, a Melbourne suburb. Crawford bought this house in 1976.

Dave (Father) - Paul Cronin
Grace (Mother) - Lorraine Bayly
John - Andrew McFarlane
Tom - Steven Tandy
Terry - Richard Morgan
Kitty - Susan Hannaford

The Sullivans were a typical suburban family during World War II who had nothing really special about them at all. They were the sort of family whose only escape from the Melbourne suburb of Camberwell came through going to the movies every now and then to see how other people lived.

The series premiered in the non-ratings period of November 1976. Most of the cast were people not widely known by viewers. Steven Tandy, Richard Morgan, Susan Hannaford, Peter Hehir, Michael Caton, Andrew McFarlane and Ingrid Mason were not household names in 1976. The show was well accepted by the viewers and it became very popular not only in Australia!

The program was made by Crawfords/Nine Network between 1976 and 1982, and amounted to 558 hours of television in 1114 episodes.

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