John Sullivan
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- Andrew McFarlane as John Sullivan

John was an idealistic medical student who couldn't condone killing. He often clashed with his father over the value of the Australian effort in World War II. After a tragic marriage to Anna Kauffman (Ingrid Mason) and later a heart-breaking affair with Sue Marriott (Belinda Giblin), John joined the Australian Medical Corps. He figured that, although he did not believe in fighting, it was his duty to help those who did.

He left Australia on June 4, 1941. Later that month, his boat was torpedoed in the Mediterranean. John was listed as missing, presumed drowned.

In Australia, the Sullivans received a telegram carrying the grim news. Unknown to the family, John survived and spent the next two years working as a doctor in German-occupied Yugoslavia. He found himself in the middle of a bizarre civil war between Yugoslav Chetniks and Partisans. John's skill and devotion to healing the wounded astounded the Yugoslavs and they looked upon him as a saint. They called him Saint Jovan. He was called to heal a British agent who passed on vital top secret information to him which, he is told, must get back to Britain. He makes it to Britain, but not before being seriously injured by a land mine while trying to reach his Yugoslav wife Nadia (Vera Plevnik).

Andrew McFarlane (John Sullivan)
and Ingrid Mason (Anna Kauffman)

Anna Kauffman and John Sullivan are in love with each other and later married. But Anna's happiness was short-lived because her parents were interned as enemy aliens. Later, Anna contracted polio meningitis. John was shattered and he kept a bedside vigil until her death just before Christmas.

Andrew McFarlane (John Sullivan)
and Belinda Giblin (Sue Marriott)
Soon after her death, John fell in love with Sue Marriott, but once again he lost in love. Sue left him and married Corporal Sam Kendall (Sean Scully).

Behind the scenes:
In her last storyline, Lorraine Bayley (Grace) travelled to London to be with her eldest son (John), who was suffering from amnesia after returning from an important secret mission. Bayley filmed her "London" scenes in one go, and they were then spun out over a number of months, to delay Grace's departure from the show. Andrew McFarlane, who had already left his role of John by this time, was brought back to film Grace's last storyline.

Just as John had recovered and was ready to return to Australia with Grace, they were caught at the centre of a German bomb attack. John survived, but Grace was killed instantly.

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